SEFF 2013

SEFF 2013

Written by Crash
Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:38

Unfortunately for all of us that eat, sleep, live, and dream of the annual pilgrimage to Hodges Field for SEFF every year, the event is now over for 2013. All we can do now is try our best to relive the fun times we had, fellowships we shared, crazy things we did, and start counting the days until we can all do it again next year.

I have to admit that this year, I didn’t take a single picture or video. Bildo captures events on film like no other videographer I’ve seen, so it was an easy decision to stay away from the video camera. For photos, however, I turned over my camera to one of my buddies and he captured the SEFF spirit WAY better than I could have!

The pictures below are the work of my friend Andrew (Weathervane) Yukovich. Thanks so much, bud!!



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SEFF 2011

SEFF 2011

Written by Crash
Friday, 22 April 2011 19:21

Well, SEFF 2011 is now in the history books.

We (me, Ron, and Bob) left out of Arlington, Texas, where Bob keeps his camper, at about 2:15 am on Sunday, April 10th, and arrived just after sundown that same day – some 18 hours after our departure. A trip that should have taken about 15 hours to make was hampered by two big setbacks – we blew out two tires on the 5th wheel trailer that we were pulling! Nonetheless, all of that road-wear was washed away after we set foot on the famous golf-course-like green grass of Hodges Field. I was amazed at how many people had already arrived, considering that the event didn’t actually begin until the following Monday morning!

I am not going to document the entire week’s events here since I’ve already pretty much detailed everything in the podcast (#114) installment that we recorded together at the event. Quite frankly, my fingers don’t have the stamina to type everything that would need to be recorded to do a thorough job. LoL Instead, this post is mainly so that I can embed the videos and pictures that I took while at SEFF.

I have to apologize for not taking more video and pictures. I was just too caught up in the fun of the event to take the time out to snag the camera and get busy. However, you can find a mess of pictures over at I know for a fact that the ATTF boys took tons of photos (well, Larry mainly) and my skills behind the camera can in no way compare to Larry’s skills. Below you can see the few pictures and videos that I did manage to snag. Check out the SEFF 2011 thread HERE for some outstanding coverage!

Our crew stayed for the entire duration of the event and embarked on our journey home bright and early Sunday morning, April 17th. Of course, we expected the ride home to be less exciting than the troublesome ride up, but ol’ Murphy had plans of his own. We made it back to Arlington at about 12:15 am Monday after blowing a third tire on the camper, as well as the turbocharger inter- cooler in Bob’s truck. The last 300 miles, or so, of our almost 900 mile trek home had us stopping every 75 miles to add more coolant to the radiator! LoL

With as much nasty as the road tried to throw at us on our way to and from SEFF, our spirits still remained high as we made it home from this grand event safe and sound. Existing friendships were cemented in, new friendships were established, significant adult beverages were consumed, and great flying was had by all. Unfortunately, I am now going through a new malady that so many of my fellow SEFF-brethren are also having to deal with – SEFF WITHDRAWAL! No matter what it costs or how much effort it requires, I WILL be attending SEFF 2012!



Bob’s Logo 600 and TriCopter Flying At SEFF

Mac Hodges Putting His B-29 Through It’s Paces

Combat At SEFF (Saturday)

A Little Impromptu Performance In The ATTF/RiteWing Base Camp

OktoberFest 2010

3D HS Oktoberfest 2010 Fly­In

Written by Crash
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 12:32

As discussed in my last podcast (Micro Loving, Ep. 90), I was unable to attend the Oktoberfest Event in Austin, Texas, but my buddy Ron and his wife (an extremely talented photographer) were able to check it out. Below is a sampling of pictures that Becca took…


Toledo 2010

Here are the pictures from the Toledo Show in 2010, when I flew in to New Jersey and rode with the PhlatBoyZ to the event where we debuted the PhlatPrinter MKII…


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Toledo 2009

These are pictures I took when Ron and I went to the Toledo Show in 2009…


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Wings Across America

Wings Across America

Written by Crash
Sunday, 28 June 2009 22:00

Last Thursday, I received the Wings Across America plane from Pilot #126, Fred Huber. He was so kind to drive up from Nolanville, TX to Waco, TX (about 50 miles) to deliver the package to my home turf, The Waco Hobby Stop hobby shop. I flew it today with the fellow RC’ers in my club, the Texas Model Aeronautics Foundation in Valley Mills, TX.


5 Hero

Hello world?

With my Joomla site ( being hacked, I’ve decided to explore other (and more simple) sites to implement and maintain. WordPress has been stable forever on the original web page (, so I am going to see if I can bend it to my will as a place to put all of my articles, pictures, and other junk.

Bear with me and we’ll see how this goes.